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  1. mihaela s.

    Don’t insult THE SELLER :) ))
    he is selling “replica”, not “the dirty word”
    Ciprian Balalau 1 month ago
    my opinion… if they do this, make replica, because there is someone which want to buy

  2. mihaela s.

    Hey, buddy! first, ask your lady to teach you English or use Spell Check. Second, you are just a skyzo, Third… I lived in Asia for few years with my son, Cip, so I know what I am talking about… You sell FAKES, no “replica”, I can prove if needed.. Apologize so I’ll not call the Italian customer protection (pe limba ta de tigan, protectia lu’ consumatoru’)
    Pupa tailandeza mica si cere un masaj de la cea mare :)

  3. Ciprian Balalau

    dear . michaela, you, first , should learn to read, my name is Balalau, second i dont ask to anyone to buy this, is just a fuc..ing review, is made to allow to anyone to decide if want or not this product.
    in the last, u know nothing about china and the live of the people there. they live in a dirty environment just to let as , European, American, to live clean and no side effect of the mass production.
    my opinion… if they do this, make replica, because there is someone which want to buy .

  4. mihaela s.

    As I see a Romanian (this Beleleu) married with a Thai… the phone is made on a ship between China and Singapore. Family business ——— scam. Buy from Apple!

    PS. They sell these at Flea Market in China, 10 for 2$. Look on Ebay.

  5. indianpearl20

    hello there, i’m interested in this phone which is much better than a rip off i payed for with another f8 wifi phone. but i am wondering does it take ONLY wifi or do i need some sort of data.
    thank you very much

  6. AFSO106

    Hi i have a Iphone f8 and I wanted to now if its possible to change to the ios used on the real iphone

  7. abimbola oged

    heloo i have this phone and i can’t get the settings to get to the internet saying network failure and i use simple mobile, they just told me to figure it out on my own. hoping anyone here uses simple mobile and would like to share thank you

  8. Ciprian Balalau

    this is obsolete product now…. today have a better iphone replica based on Android. i have even iphone 5 replica based on Android 4.0.1. those product work very well. soon i will post a review with this phones.

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